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Durov about “Digital Resistance” and support for VPN services

Pavel Durov urged users to help with the financing of VPN and proxy services, and also talked about how he himself supports their creators. As he said, he is ready to spend on it millions dollars from personal savings.

As part of Digital Resistance, I began to pay bitcoin grants to proxy and VPN administrators. During this year, I will be happy to donate millions of dollars of personal funds for these purposes. I urge everyone to join and participate – setting up proxy / VPN servers or financing them.

Pavel Durov

At the same time, the creator Telegram thanked the users of the messenger for their support and devotion in the first day of the lockout.As the last day showed, in its war with progress, Russia’s supervisory authorities are ready to block millions of IP addresses of cloud hosting without regard to losses of extraneous projects.

In addition, the Russian authorities are also struggling with independent proxy / VPN services, many of which stop working (if this happens, disable the proxy in the settings of Telegram and try to find another one).

Although the Russian market does not constitute a significant share of the Telegram user base, it is important to us for personal reasons.

Pavel Durov

As Durov said in his Telegram channel, the refusal to issue FSB encryption keys became an “easy decision” for the messenger team. According to him, after blocking, there was no significant reduction in the number of users. The creator of the messenger added that the Russian audience is 7% of the world (about 200 million people), which corresponds to 15 million users from Russia, which he spoke about earlier.

Also Durov thanked Apple, Google, Amazon, Microsoft for the fact that they “do not participate in political censorship.” On April 17, Roskomnadzor sent arequest to the App Store and Google Play to remove Telegram, but the stores have not responded yet.

For the first time, Durov spoke about the “Digital Resistance” after the blockage of Telegram in Russia. He published a black-hooded mascot dog on a white background, which became a symbol of the movement.

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