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“Do not tell Versus”: schoolboys went to baseball instead of lessons. And they ran into the director there

Illarion fourth grader Tucker Speckman (Tucker Speckman) and his brother Ganner decided to skip classes at school to watch the home game of the Chicago Cubs baseball team. To slightly tease the teachers of the educational institution, they made a poster with the inscription: “We skip school. Do not tell the director Versuslice. ”

We made a poster because we thought it would be funny. We also wanted our director to see that we were there.

Tucker Spectman

Soon after that, Tucker’s photo with a poster published the Twitter account of the National Baseball League. The post was also seen by the director of the school Patrick Versluis (Patrick Versluis), who was also at the stadium.

At first I shrugged. And then he thought: “We must go and say hello to them.”

At first I shouted to them: “Hey, you miss school,” after which they took out this sign, and at that moment I just laughed.

Patrick Versewis

Верслуис has found schoolboys and has told to them, that considers a poster as ridiculous. After that, he made a joint photo with the students, one of whom still held the banner.

I was not at all nervous, because I knew that we had a class director and he would not be angry or tell us bad things.

Tucker Spectman
Verselis with the brothers Spekmann

Versusis stressed that he officially took time off and took a day off to go to the game. No offense to him and to the children – he said, they got tickets to the match from the parents for good progress in their studies.

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