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“Cube in the cube” stopped announcing the TV series Amedia TV because of the copyright conflict

Shot from the series “World of the Wild West”

Russian voice-over studio “Cube in the cube” announced that since April 16 it has stopped to voice the serials that belong to the Amedia TV company – “Amediathek” acts as a Russian partner of the American channel HBO. This decision was the result of a prolonged conflict due to “piracy”.

“Cube in the cube” offered Amedia TV to cooperate, for example, recommending hiring interpreters of the studio and adding voice acting with obscene vocabulary as a separate audio track.

Amedia TV refused, and also doubted the “sincerity and decency” of the voice-over studio, as the authors continued to publish TV series in their Telegram channel after the conflict began.

“Cube in the cube” voiced including the following series:

  • “Silicon Valley”;
  • “Billions”;
  • “World of the Wild West”;
  • “American Horror Story”;
  • “Ash against the sinister dead”;
  • The Two.

After the outbreak of the conflict  many industry representatives appeared on the side of the “Cube in the Cube” , including Petr Glantz and Yevgeny Bazhenov , known as BadComedian.

Thousands of spectators wrote comments and made posts about the fact that they want to watch our voice acting legally and are ready to pay money for it.

It’s sad that “Amedia” did not pay attention to the opinion of those who watch the series in alternative voice acting. It’s a shame that we have to give up a dozen favorite TV series, which we did well.

It’s a pity that the IEE does not know that the company to which they sold the rights, localizes their “Silicon Valley” so that no one wants to look at it. But nothing can be done. We can not compete with a multimillion-dollar corporation.

“Cube in the cube”

According to representatives of the “Cube in the Cube”, they are still threatened with a lawsuit by Amedia on copyright infringement. The film company earlier confirmed its intention to involve the founders of the studio in criminal liability. “Amedia” estimated the damage as particularly large – over a million rubles. “Cube in the cube” insisted on concluding a settlement agreement.

The conflict began with the fact that “Cube in the cube” complained of pressure from Amedia TV. The studio learned about the possibility of a trial after an unnamed partner of the film company shared a fragment of private correspondence with them.

“Amediathek” does not voice the series itself, but orders voiceovers from professional studios and translators. Among them are Kravets Records, Novamedia, Courage-Bambey and Goblin. Part of the show comes with ready-made voice acting, so the company does not have to hire specialists.

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