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Alex Leslie and Nastya Rybka were detained in Thailand because of “illegal sex training”. They are waiting for deportation to Russia

In Pattaya, the organizers of illegal “sex training” Alexander Kirillov (Alex Leslie) and Anastasia Vashakevich (Nastya Rybka) were detained. As said head of the consular department of the Embassy of Russia Vladimir pine, according to police, they are waiting for trial and deportation from Thailand.

Video of the detention of 10 Russians in Thailand

The Pattaya police informally informed the Russian embassy about this.

It is unofficial because the police are not obliged to notify the embassies about detentions for illegal work and visa violations. […]

According to the police, all the detainees are awaiting trial and deportation from Thailand.

Vladimir Sosnov
Head of the Consular Section of the Russian Embassy in Thailand

In total, because of illegal sex training, 10 people were detained – 9 Russians and one Lithuanian citizen, Tass reported . Sosnov noted that the detainees were charged with illegal work in Thailand, and some in visa violations.

According to Interfax, one of the 10 detainees was fined for too long stay in the country, three for illegal entry. The interlocutor of TASS said that Vashukevich and Kirillov are accused only of illegal work.

Kirillov and Vashukevich are accused only of illegal work. Most likely, the court on the issue of bail will be held only on Tuesday (February 27), usually for such cases, the amount of collateral is about 3 thousand dollars per person.

interlocutor TASS

A source in the Pattaya Police told RIA Novosti that the detention took place at the Ibis Hotel at 23:00 local time. The police found the venue of the event, despite the fact that the training was advertised on the Internet in Russian, the department noted. The police released 43 listeners after the interrogation. They said that they paid for five days of training for 20 thousand baht (about 650 dollars).

On February 8, the Anti-Corruption Foundation published an investigation into the businessman Oleg Deripaska and the government deputy head Sergei Prikhodko, based on posts in Instagram and an escort model book by Nastya Rybka. The next day Roskomnadzor made an investigation and publication of the media about him in the register of prohibited sites, and asked to remove photos and videos from media materials. This was due to the fact that Deripaska sued Rybka and Alex Leslie for publishing details of his private life.

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