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Toilets at the new stadium “Volgograd Arena” (2 photos)

The stadium “Volgograd Arena”, built for the World Cup 2018, has successfully passed all the checks and put into operation. The first match here will take place on April 21, when “Rotor-Volgograd” will play with “Luch-Energia”. Despite the fact that the stadium has not caused any complaints from the representatives of the International Football Federation (FIFA) and the organizing committee “Russia-2018”, there is something to be surprised, for example, to the toilets.

April 16 in Volgograd, a test opening of the stadium “Volgograd Arena”, built for the World Cup. About 5,000 volunteers and students were allowed to enter the arena to test capacity and capacity.

Edition V1 published a photo from the toilet “Volgograd Arena”, where there are no partitions between the toilet bowls. According to the visitors, there is very little space between the toilet bowls in the men’s toilet, so it’s unclear how the partitions will be placed there. Soon V1 deleted its note without explaining the reasons, but the text remained in Google’s cache.

The representative of the contractor Stroytransgaz for the construction of Volgograd Arena, Alia Pershina, confirmed that the photos were taken at the stadium and there are no partitions in the restrooms.

The photo of the lavatory was made at a time when the partitions were not yet installed in it. All the women’s and men’s latrines in the stadium provide for the presence of partitions and doors in accordance with accepted norms and requirements, as the guests of the stadium will soon be able to make sure, which will fall on the test matches.

Alya Pershina
representative of Stroytransgaz

Users of social networks also published other photos from the Volgograd stadium.

Male toilets in the stadium now look like this. There are no partitions between the toilets, which can cause some feeling of discomfort. Nevertheless, it is possible that this is only an intermediate option and soon the partitions will appear.

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The grand opening of Volgograd Arena will be held on April 21: in addition to the festive events, a match of Rotor with Luchom-Energie from Vladivostok will take place.

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