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The winner of the contest “Miss Russia” was the 18-year-old student Julia Poliakhihina (15 photos)

April 14 in Moscow, the final of the national beauty contest “Miss Russia”, the victory in which was won by 18-year-old Julia Poliakhihina from Cheboksary. The girl is studying at the Chuvash State University at the Faculty of Philology in the direction of “journalism” and works as a model. She is engaged in fitness aerobics and says that it was the key to her success. In beauty contests, Julia has been participating since 2015, she also has significant results in international beauty contests. One of the prizes was a grant for study in any university in the country, although the winner does not yet know how to dispose of it.

Natalia Stroeva from Yakutia got the title of vice-miss, Violetta Turkina from Belgorod became the first vice-miss, and Norgyan Mongush from Tuva won the nomination “People’s Choice”. source From here

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