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The Russian Football Premier League has a new logo with a bear. It was made by Lebedev Studio

Photos from Lebedev Studio

The Russian Football Premier League received a new logo – a blue-white-red bear with burning eyes. The symbol was developed by Lebedev Studio, which, according to the media, received for work from 4 to 6 million rubles.

The authors told that the bear is inscribed in a pentagon as on a normal football ball, and the intersecting colors symbolize a “competitive spirit”. The designer of the symbol was the artist Yegor Zhgun. According to the director of the strategy league, the cost of the logo is “not meaningful”, because it is extremely small.

According to one of the working options, the RFPL logo will also be placed on soccer balls.

Among other options were logos depicting eagles, gray triangles and the letter “F” on a purple-gold background.


In social networks, they noticed the similarity of the RFPL logo with a bear and the logo of the English Premier League with a lion, especially in fonts.

On the old symbol of the Premier League, in effect since 2001, was drawn a ball with a map of Russia.

Old logo RFPL
Old logo RFPL
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