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The office of Roskomnadzor was set on fire on Sunday night in Ulyanovsk

The window in the office of Roskomnadzor after the fire. Photo from the community « PE Ulyanovsk »

On the night of April 15, unidentified persons set fire to the office of the regional department of Roskomnadzor in Karl Marx Street in Ulyanovsk. This was reported to SM News and ” Says Moscow “. The incident became known only on April 16.

The office of Roskomnadzor is located in a brick office building. Rescuers considered the most likely cause of fire arson and clarified that the unknown “something was thrown into the window and a fire began.”

Presumably, the reason we put is the drift of the source of fire from outside.

the press service of the Ministry for Emergency Situations of the Ulyanovsk region

With the fire, which began around 3:42 am local time, knocked out the window blocks and damaged the interior decoration of the cabinet. Investigators work at the scene. About who could set fire to the Roskomnadzor office, has not yet been reported. There are no victims.

Office of Roskomnadzor in Ulyanovsk. Google Maps Screenshot

Media made a conclusion that the MOE in his summary on the morning of April 16 marked fire in Roskomnadzor office as “sunbathing in an office building in Ulyanovsk”.

On April 16, Russian providers began blocking access to Telegram according to the request of Roskomnadzor, which fulfilled the decision of the Tagansky District Court of Moscow. Confirmations that the arson in Ulyanovsk and the lock Telegram are connected, no.

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