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Telegram on iOS partially blocked popular Russian channels with movies

Leading one of the most popular Telegram-channels “Online Films – Cinema HD” with pirated films told about the blocking by the administration. This happened a day after the publication of The Outline told how the messenger has become a popular platform for searching for pirated content.

The channel published films that were uploaded directly to Telegram for online viewing. According to the author, at the time of the blocking, about 20 thousand people were subscribed to him.

However, on April 15, iOS “Online Films – HD Movies” blocked, and the presenter was notified of copyright infringement. At the time of writing, the c notes from the browser version of @kinomovies were also unavailable. A similar situation occurred with the channel @movies_telegram.

Screenshot of the leading Telegram-channel “Online Films – Cinema HD”

Testing showed that iOS has left several popular channels with pirated movies. But they all place links to third-party resources for watching movies, and do not upload files directly to the messenger.

Music channels in Telegram remained in place: on iOS are available those that allow you to listen to songs directly in the messenger, and those that are redirected to third-party sites.

The Outline stated that Telegram publishes popular films, including Netflix and HBO Now, as well as music albums without the permission of copyright holders. The American publication noted that the leadership of the messenger is idle, and Apple does not pay attention to this. Rightholders, according to The Outline, filed complaints with Telegram.

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