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“Rusal” has fallen in price to the historical minimum

Shares of the company “Russian Aluminum” (“Rusal”), owned by businessman Oleg Deripaska, continued to fall for the second week in a row. According to theGoogle Finance service, the value of the company’s securities on the Hong Kong stock exchange fell to a historic low of 1.46 dollars per share – a week ago they were worth $ 4.64.

Screenshot of the Google Finance service

The historical maximum of Rusal’s securities on the Hong Kong stock exchange was fixed on March 18, 2011. Then the price of one share of the second largest aluminum producer in the world was 13 Hong Kong dollars.

On April 6, the US Treasury imposed sanctions against several Russian companies and their owners, including against RusAl and Oleg Deripaska. On April 9, at the opening of trading, Rusal’s shares collapsed by more than 50%, becoming one of the factors of the subsequent collapse of the ruble and Russian exchanges.

At the opening of currency trading on April 16, the ruble also lost in price. At the time of writing, the daily maximum of prices for foreign currencies was 63.2rubles per dollar and 77.8 rubles per euro.

Analysts noted that the opening of Asian markets had little effect on the ruble exchange rate, but European markets at the time of writing notes have not yet started trading. According to experts, the ruble’s dynamics will depend on the escalation of the conflict in Syria, and new sanctions may lead to the return of currencies to the highs of last week – 65 and 80 rubles, respectively.

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