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Roskomnadzor blocked about 2 million IP-addresses Amazon and Google because of the fight with Telegram

Roskomnadzor blocked 655 532 IP-addresses related to Amazon and about another million Google addresses. As writes Telegram-channel «IT criminal cases SORM rossiyushka”, this is due to blocking messenger Pavel Durov.

It has been reported that subnets, whose IP addresses begin with 52.58, 18.196, 18.194, 35.156, 18.184 and Google subnet 35.192, are reported to be blocked. The author of the channel FBK IT consultant Vladislav Zdolnikov linked the blocking of addresses with the fact that Telegram began to circumvent the restriction of Roskomnadzor using IP from Amazon.

Updated at 20:45: the head of Roskomnadzor Alexander Zharov confirmed theblocking of Amazon addresses due to Telegram.

We unloaded the subnet Amazon, which was transferred to Telegram. The point is that the third point of the court decision prescribes that Roskomnadzor and other legal entities do not create conditions for technical access to the blocked messenger. We comply with the court decision.

Alexander Zharov
Head of Roskomnadzor

According to Zdolnikov, online stores have stopped working in Moscow’s Dixy stores because of the blocking of Amazon’s addresses. However, online stores deny the disconnection of online cash registers.

The experiment confirmed that the subnets are involved in the bypass of the lock, so the messenger for some users continues to work. The check in the registry of Roskomnadzor showed that these IP-addresses are not connected with Telegram. However, according to the current unloading for providers on the evening of April 16, the agency actually blocked several hundred thousand IP addresses.

Later, Zdolnikov said that Roskomnadzor had added about 1.2 million IP-addresses to Amazon. Thus, the agency could block about 2 million addresses in one day.

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