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Plus-size model was offended by requests to “look happier”

According to the model, during fashion shootings, photographers preferred girls with standard parameters, referring to it as a “plush chicken”.

Jessica Vander Leahy complained about discrimination, which she had to endure throughout her 10-year career.

In a recent shoot for an advertising campaign, the photographer asked Leahy “just to smile and look happy,” while he suggested sexually more slender models. “But the plus-size girls also want to be sexy. We want to do everything the same as our thin colleagues do. We do not like being “plush chickens”, “the model said.

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  Vander Leahy clarified that every woman is worthy to feel attractive, and the fashion industry should become more tactful, setting the ideals of beauty.

 “Although the movement of the body kit extends more and more, the complete models still remain in the minority. We are still perceived as ridiculous, happy and harmless, “complained Leahy.

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