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Photo: Campaign with paper airplanes in support of Telegram

On April 16, near the main building of the FSB in Moscow, they organized a spontaneous action in support of Telegram’s messenger. They came to Lubyanka and began throwing paper airplanes. Judging by the live broadcast, the action gathered several dozen people.

Maria Alekhina Photo by @martin_camera
Dmitry Enteo. Photos by @martin_camera
 As follows from the live broadcast, the police detained several people who spoke in support of Telegram. Among them – the former participant of Pussy Riot Maria Alyokhina and Dmitry Tsorionov (Enteo).This is the third such action in support of Telegram in recent years. Activists readaloud excerpts from their personal correspondence near the FSB foster at Kuznetsky Most. In St. Petersburg, activists brought hundreds of paper airplanes to the office of Roskomnadzor, but the department employees took airplanes out to the street and threw them to the trash can.

On April 16, Russian providers began blocking access to Telegram. Pavel Durov criticized the decision of the Russian authorities, explaining that this will not affect the level of the terrorist threat and will worsen the quality of life of Russians. The founder of the messenger estimated the number of Russian Telegram users in 15 million people.

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