In Sweden, opened the first electrified road for charging electric vehicles (5 photos)

The first road in the world, charging electric vehicles at the time of movement on it, opened in Sweden. The 2 km stretch appeared on the highway between the cargo terminal of the Stockholm-Arlanda airport and the logistics center of Rosersberg. The road is built as part of the eRoadArlanda project and can be charged, both commercial and commercial vehicles, equipped with special current collectors.

In the middle of one of the road lanes a contact rail is laid, which is under tension, but it is absolutely safe for people and animals. An electric current collector pushed out from under the bottom will charge the battery while driving, and this can happen even when the road is covered with rubble or small stones. The road is not afraid of rain and is safe for any type of transport.If the road is in demand, the contact rail can be laid on 20 thousand km of Swedish roads. This will take 9.5 billion dollars, but the authors of the project argue that the cost will pay off in just three years.

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