In Grodno they found a treasure of a prisoner of the Jewish ghetto (7 photos)

In the center of Grodno in an old Jewish house, built in the XIX century, a treasure was discovered. A valuable find was made by one of the builders who reconstructed the old building, on the site of which there will be a medical center. Under the ceiling beam worker found a metal box, inside of which was gold.

The house was located in the old Jewish quarter of Grodno, where during the Great Patriotic War there was a ghetto. Perhaps the treasure was hidden by one of the ghetto prisoners.

In the place of detection of the treasure came the policemen and the employees of the Grodno Historical and Archaeological Museum who conducted the inventory of the treasure.

In the box were 23 gold coins of the Russian Empire and the interwar Polish period “jadwigi”, more than a dozen rings, two chains, several small gold bars, gold-plated dental crowns and several documents of purchase. The total weight of gold products is almost 500 grams.

The museum believes that the box was hidden in 1941 or 1942.

In the present museum, the contents of the treasure are on evaluation in the museum. According to the law, the state will have to pay 25% of the developer who has found the treasure and the owner of the building. According to the most conservative estimates, the treasure was valued at 15 thousand dollars.

As for the fate of jewelry, coins and other things, they will remain in the museum and will soon become part of the thematic exposition.

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