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Facebook invited users to monitor the security of their data

In the Facebook feed began to appear a proposal to check the security settings and data transfer to third-party applications connected to the account on the social network. The notice notes that the Facebook team is doing “everything possible” to protect personal data.

When clicking on the button, the user enters the general settings menu, in which he can turn on two-factor authentication, disable his application personal data, or specify who can find it using a phone number or e-mail address.

The intention of the Facebook administration to warn users about the possible insecurity of their data became known from the speech of Mark Zuckerberg at the hearings in the US Congress.

Screenshot of the Facebook feed
Screenshot of the Facebook feed

About the fact that Facebook will warn users about the security of data, Mark Zuckerberg told at a hearing in the US Congress. He also promised to severely limit the amount of data that social network algorithms give to applications from third-party developers.

American journalists noted that it is very difficult to go to the menu responsible for privacy settings from Facebook’s main page. Reporters suggested that the congressmen would not have enough time for questions five minutes to find these settings in the social network.

On April 11 and 12, Zuckerberg spoke at a hearing in the US Congress and answered questions about Facebook’s security. The hearings were convened because of scandals around the social network related to the leakage of personal data of users and the shares of Russian hackers during the presidential campaign of 2016.

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