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Durov’s first reaction after the beginning of the Telegram blockade: “The quality of life of Russians will worsen, terrorism will remain”

Due to the blocking of Telegram, the quality of life of Russians will fall, while terrorism will not be won, said the founder of the company Pavel Durov in VKontakte.

According to the businessman, the terrorists will continue to communicate in instant messengers, they will simply use alternatives or VPN. He also believes that the lives of Russians will deteriorate due to the periodic inaccessibility of Telegram.

The terrorist threat in Russia will remain at the same level, as extremists will continue to use encrypted communication channels – in other messengers, or via VPN.

Pavel Durov

Durov noted that the safety of Russians under threat from the fact that they will be forced to use other messengers, such as WhatsApp.

The national security of Russia will decrease, as some of the personal data of Russians will pass from the neutral to the Russian site in the controlled from the US WhatsApp and Facebook.

Pavel Durov

The founder of the messenger added that Telegram will continue to “defend the right to privacy of correspondence of Russians”. For Twitter, Durov left a separate message.

“The events indicate that authoritarian states (for example, Russia) are trying to block Telegram for encryption, but are more relaxed when it comes to other messengers with encryption”

On April 16, the providers began to block Telegram across Russia by a court decision that Roskomnadzor won. Previously, Durov urged users not to abandon Telegram and promised to use the built-in bypass of locks.

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