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Yaroslavl MP crushed his iPad in response to US sanctions

The municipal deputy from Yaroslavl from “United Russia” Dmitry Petrovsky published in his Facebook video about how he broke his iPad at home with his feet. He explained that he did this in response to US sanctions and in support of Dmitry Medvedev.

The party chairman [Dmitry Medvedev] said that we must abandon American goods. Hence, we, those who are not in the party for chatter, those who are ready to respond, should start with themselves. And I think that both Medvedev and [State Duma Speaker Vyacheslav] Volodin should join this flash mob – otherwise it’s dishonest.

Dmitry Petrovsky
deputy, quote on Vidsboku

In comments to his notes Petrovsky explained that he would use the Chinese phone and tablet, but did not specify the mark. “Auto French, great Czech, I do not use American medications,” the deputy added.

Petrovsky was hinted that in protest he should also retire from Facebook. The parliamentarian left this remark unanswered.

Petrovsky is a doctor-oncologist and plastic surgeon who works in the clinical oncological hospital in Yaroslavl. Local media call him “one of the most odious” deputies, who “does not shy away from generating content on his own”.

Yaroslavl parliamentarian referred to the words of Medvedev on April 11, when the prime minister, in a report to the Duma, proposed restricting the sale of American goods in Russia in response to US sanctions. “And this is not only the mentioned securities, which need to be separately examined, it is a rather complicated story, but also a whole range of other goods that are delivered to us on the market or that are even produced by American business on the territory of our country,” Medvedev said.

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