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The Outline: Telegram has become a “new haven” for the distribution of pirated films and music

The American edition The Outline told how Telegram has become a popular platform for searching and downloading pirated films, music albums, and stolen accounts of many services like Netflix, Spotify HBO Now and Hulu.

 The main points are:

  • Telegram has thousands of group chats and channels, the only purpose of which is to share illegally copied content;
  • Every day hundreds of new users subscribe to pirate channels;
  • Pirate channels operate for many years, but Telegram does not recognize the scale of the problem, and Apple does not pay attention to it;
  • The owners of the pirate channels explained the choice of Telegram to remain completely anonymous. With the messenger team’s complaints, they did not come across. At the same time, Facebook often closes such communities;
  • Some channels offer services for free, but others sell accounts by accepting payment through PayPal;
  • Several rightholders (who exactly is unknown) have filed complaints with Telegram;
  • The founder of Telegram Pavel Durov noted that the messenger is struggling with channels where copyright infringes.
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