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Opera VPN announced the termination of work from April 30

“Bogatyr Olaf resigns”

The company Opera Software announced the closure of the Opera VPN application from April 30, 2018. On the site of the service, with which you can bypass the locks, there are no reasons for this decision.

The developers of Opera VPN offered their users to switch to the SurfEasy service, receiving an annual subscription with a discount of 80%. To holders of premium accounts Opera VPN promised the first year of using SurfEasy for free. This service is available on Windows, macOS, iOS and Android.

Opera VPN is considered one of the most popular VPN-services among Russian-speaking users. Against the backdrop of the decision to block Telegram in Russia, Opera VPN climbed to the fourth place in the category of “performance” in the App Store (behind the other two VPN services and State Services), and on April 13  top most popular searches. Opera VPN was also used by Ukrainian users of VKontakte, Odnoklassniki and other Russian sites blocked in the country.

Since November 1, 2017 in Russia, there is a law banning the use of VPN-services to bypass blocking sites from the registry of banned. The VPN-services themselves are not prohibited. So far, Roskomnadzor has never used this law and can do it only on the orders of the FSB.

The day before the law on VPN services came into force, Roskomnadzor toldabout the completion of testing of the new system of blocking bypass. In the testing took part including Opera Software.

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