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In Crimea, after the decision to block Telegram began to test their messenger “Dialog M”

The interface of the desktop version of Dialog M


State-owned company “Krymtekhnologii” began public testing of its own messenger “Dialog M” and named it a possible alternative to “similar applications of foreign companies”, the publication “Kryminform” reported .

After Roskomnadzor decided to block Telegram, we decided to release our own messenger in advance to get feedback from users. And to show them an alternative and a possible replacement of popular applications with a Russian product.

Igor Martynenko
one of the developers of Dialogue M

Functions in the Crimean messenger are still limited: you can exchange personal messages and messages in workgroups, and send files. The developers are sure that in the future Dialogue M will not be inferior to existing messengers.

It will never be banned. In terms of the conference, it will be even better than Telegram, where it is not very convenient to add, exit, delegate rights to the conference.

Igor Martynenko
one of the developers of Dialogue M

The authors of “Dialog M” presented it as a “quick and safe” messenger, but did not explain on the basis of which these conclusions were drawn. When registering in the desktop version, you must specify your country of location and enter the phone number. Then you need to enter the verification code, which will come via SMS.

While “Dialogue M” exists in the beta version and is not available in the App Store. It is suggested to use the browser version or the application for Android: the installation file can be downloaded on the developer’s site, the messenger is also in “Yandex.Store”.

The launch of open testing “Dialogue M” took place shortly after the court decision to block Telegram and make its web version into the list of banned sites. According to Roskomnadzor, providers will begin to restrict access to the messenger on April 16.

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