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Heinz holds a vote on the release of the “Mayochup” in the US

The food company Heinz launched a vote on Twitter to make a sauce from a mixture of mayonnaise and ketchup. At the time of writing notes, 45% of users chose to mix mayonnaise and ketchup with their own hands.

Do you want # of Mayotchup in stores? 500,000 votes “for” and we will release it for you, brisk Americans.

The company “Heinz” promised to release a mixed sauce, if for it will vote half a million users. Voting will end in a day, and 55% of the 925 thousand users have voted for it, which is slightly more than the required amount.

The product is already available in some countries of the Middle East. Heinz said that he wants to know whether Americans will accept the “debut in the US.”

The American media are actively training a new sauce. The site “Business Insider” wrote that “this beige sauce is not a joke.” “NBC” wrote that the new sauce will be the solution to the “dilemma of double pleasure” – the choice between mayonnaise and ketchup during the preparation of a sandwich. However, for example, Time Magazine drew attention to the reactions from Twitter, where Heinz was accused of “privatizing” the sauce and indicating its real name and place of birth: ketchunese from Russia, fruity sauce from Utah, salsa rosada from Colombia, a majketchup from Pearto-Rica.

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