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American intelligence watches films about themselves. And they does not like them

Shot from the film “The Assassin” (2015)

In the domestic edition of the CIA found reviews on movies, books and TV shows. It seems that scouts do not like how they are portrayed: the department is watching a movie about its work, then to criticize it. Unusual reviews were noticed by Motherboard journalists.

The CIA has been publishing the journal Studies in Intelligence for several decades. It tells about the history, traditions, semantics of the language, as well as in many publications of a common theme – films and books.

However, reviews of films about the CIA are often negative. For example, the special service extremely negatively commented on the picture of “Killer” (Sicario) Dani Villeneuve, who tells about an FBI agent who discovered a conspiracy of the CIA in Mexico.

The authors of the publication James Burridge and John Kavanagh in the “Killers” review wrote that the CIA has always been an “easy target” for directors who exploit the themes of corruption and conspiracy “in high places”.

This conspiracy story that the “CIA is evil” without ambiguous morals or nuances.

from the CIA’s review of the film “The Assassin”

At the same time, as noted in Motherboard, the lack of ambiguity is a strange claim, because this is the best part of the picture, for which many viewers loved it. In addition, Barridge and Kavanagh found the weak end of the picture “even for the plot of the plot.” The authors of the CIA hated the film so much that they justified the text, why they decided to write about the tape at all.

We wrote about this here as a completely fictional story about the CIA, which might interest readers. Set aside your righteous indignation, lean back and enjoy the review.

from the CIA’s review of the film “The Assassin”

Also, the CIA did not like Steven Spielberg’s Spy Escape. The film tells about a lawyer who agreed to release the American pilot Francis Powers, who was captured by the USSR.

[Before] no one could say that the director, known for his scrupulous attention to historical details in the early films … will rewrite history simply for dramatic effect.

from the review of the CIA to the movie “Spy Bridge”

The agency negatively responded to the series “Berlin residency” – a spy thriller about the work of CIA agents in modern Berlin, much of the first season of which is devoted to the practice of torture in the work of intelligence.

The assertion that the entire CIA labor force is involved in the use of torture is at the heart of the ideological and artistic premise of the series. His basic idea of ​​collective guilt is implausible and reprehensible.

from the review of the CIA to the film “Berlin residency”

The CIA believes that in the “Berlin residency” nothing from the work of the department is shown correctly. According to the authors of the review, the show shows a residence in which the leadership behaves “extremely unethical and even criminal.” As noted by the CIA, in the series, the unit does not report to the headquarters, and employees are considered “disposable.” The authors of the agency noted that this is “not the residence with which most agents have ever faced.”

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