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Trump ordered an attack on Syria

The cruise missile in Damascus in the early morning on Saturday, April 14. Holiday pictures AP

Updated: US Secretary of Defense James Mattis announced that the “one-time” attack was completed and was a message Bashar Assad no longer used chemical weapons. He noted that they did not specifically inform Russia about it for the surprise effect.

During the address to Americans, US President Donald Trump said that he gave orders to strike at Syria. The attack is aimed at objects that are allegedly associated with chemical weapons.

Trump noted that the US expects to “improve relations” with Russia and called for an end to the support of the Assad regime. However, he admitted that this may not happen.

Some time ago, I ordered the US Armed Forces to launch high-precision strikes against targets related to the chemical weapons of Syrian dictator Bashar Assad. Joint operation with the Armed Forces of France and Great Britain has now begun, we thank them.

Donald Trump
President of the U.S.A

The US president said that the attacks will continue until the acting anti-democratic regime of Bashar Assad “will not stop using chemical weapons.”

Countries are pinpointing Syrian territory. According to the government TV channel in Syria, the air defenses of the country shot down 13 cruise missiles over the suburbs of the capital. The media reported that explosions from the locations of scientific centers are heard in Damascus.

In a conversation with Tass, the US State Department refused to specify whether Russia had been warned about the beginning of the operation, citing the president’s speech.

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