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The new experiment Google allows you to play in the association with artificial intelligence

Google has released two experimental projects in the field of artificial intelligence. They are interactive and are aimed at processing different languages, including Russian.

The first project called Semantris allows users to play in associations with artificial intelligence for a while. The system asks you to come up with the nearest meaning of the word, compares its connection with the original and with other words from the list. The closer the hit, the more points the user gets.

In another experiment it is suggested to “talk with books” – to communicate with the algorithm that answers the phrases from the works. In this case, the computer produces a result not based on keywords, but based on the context of the phrase.

The main product of Google is the search engine, therefore, as noted by The Verge, the company seeks to teach it better understand the simple human language. In most experiments, Google typically collects user data to understand how technology works, and the next projects are hardly an exception.

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