The Federal Communications Commission of the United States has shown how it looks like the unreached iPhone X in gold color

FCC photo

The Federal Communications Commission of the United States has publishedpictures of the unreached model of the iPhone X in gold. It seems that Apple itself transferred the smartphone six months ago to get certified for the US market, but did not make official statements and launch it on sale.

Apple did not confirm or deny the authenticity of the photographs, but the documents indicate that the pictures can be trusted. They say that the gold version of the iPhone X is numbered as the A1903, while the other two iPhone Xs received the numbers A1865, A1901 and A1902. The color of the smartphone is similar to the golden color of the iPhone 8, but with a black front panel (for the golden iPhone 8 – white).

As noted by the publication The Verge, by law the commission should keep the documents in privacy for 180 days. It seems that the gold version of the iPhone X in Apple were going to announce along with the rest, but changed their mind. However, now the deadline has expired and the commission by law has the right to publish pictures, despite the absence of an announcement from the company.

It is unclear why Apple did not launch this version with the rest in September 2017. The Macrumors edition explained that Apple could face production problems and therefore postponed the release of the gold iPhone X. The same version is followed by the well-known analyst Ming-Chi Kuo, who stated this before the announcement of Apple’s flagship.

It is still unknown if the smartphone will go to the market. However, according to rumors , Apple may release it in mid-2018 to increase device sales. Announce the gold version may in the summer at the World Conference of developers WWDC 2018.

“Leakage” from the Federal Communications Commission occurred on the same day when the media had a memorandum warning the employees of Apple of liability for information leaks.

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