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The 11-year-old boy sang an iodine at the supermarket, became a meme and performed at Coachella

Mason Ramsey and DJ Whethan on the stage of Coachella-2018

On April 13, the “Walmart Yodel Boy” sang in front of thousands of people at Coachella in California, one of the most popular music festivals in the world. A month ago, the schoolboy was not known to anyone, but in a short time became a meme.

The 11-year-old boy’s name is Mason Ramsey, he likes to sing songs of the “father” of country music Hank Williams. On March 24, a guy in a white shirt and a red butterfly came with a grandmother and grandfather to the supermarket “Volmart” in Harrisburg, Illinois.

In “VolMart” Ramsey stood in the middle of the ranks and performed ” Lovesick Blues ” with elements of Tyrolean throat singing. None of the clients or employees of the store interrupted the singing with iodine, and in the end applause was heard. Someone took the boy on video, and on March 26 the video appeared on Viral Hog.

Although Ramsey performed in “VolMart” before , it was this performance that spread across social networks and became viral in the US. In a short time, the performance received a lot of fotozhab and remixes.

Other Americans began to shoot video in supermarkets with a parody of Ramsey and assume that the boy will soon be waiting for a tour of all American “Voltmarts”.

April 10, Ramsey participated in the show Ellen Degeneres – one of the most popular day programs in the US. After the boy made his “own” hit, the TV presenter fulfilled the childhood dream – invited him to participate in the famous country concert Grand Ole Opry .

April 13 in California launched the festival Coachella, where on different days areEminem, Beyonce, The Weeknd and many other artists. Speaker on one scene DJ Whethan unexpectedly for the audience brought to the stage Ramsey – in a well-known image. Before this, the musician said that the next guest “does not need a presentation.” Reaction of the audience too.

Speech 11-year-old boy liked Justin Bieber, who danced behind the scenes. Later they met and made a joint photo.

As early as the beginning of April, Ramsey published a tweet on an appeal to fans and called for subscriptions to his accounts, including the YouTube channel. There he lays out songs, for example, for “his fans” and about “the old church in the village.”

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