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Sex robot with artificial intelligence helped its inventor avoid divorce

The wife of the creator of the robot Sergi Santos believes that the sex robot will be useful for solving family problems and other couples.

The inventor said that sometimes he wants to have sex, but his wife does not want it. He convinced his wife that a sex doll was needed to meet his needs at certain times. “I told her:” Look, sex destroys so many relationships because of lack of synchronism, “explains the inventor. “I would not want to burden such a burden on my marriage.”

The man also said that he plans to assemble a sex robot with a masculine appearance, but worries that he will not show the same generosity if they are interested in his wife. “I think I’ll be jealous if she uses a male robot,” he admits. According to him, he will file for divorce, if it turns out that the toy likes his wife much more than he does.

Sex robot Samantha, invented by Santos, knows how to react to touch and hugs, remembers his “partners” and builds an individual line of communication with each of them. The inventor sells his sex robots at a price of $ 2,834 to seven thousand dollars (175-432 thousand rubles).

In 2017 it was reported that Santo demonstrated to Samantha at the festival of electronic arts. But she could not stand many visitors, who by the end of the day broke her limbs.


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