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Experts predict a bitcoin rate of $ 250,000 in four years

On the eve of the most popular crypto currency – bitcoin – briefly surpassed the bar in $ 8 thousand per unit, but then the rate again fell, albeit slightly. Experts continue to voice forecasts about the future of virtual money. So, investor Tim Draper, who invested in Tesla, SpaceX and Skype, recently voiced his vision of the situation.

Draper believes that in four years the bitcoin rate will be a quarter of a million dollars per unit. The investor did not begin to tell how he came to the figure of $ 250 thousand. It is suggested that it was Draper’s words about the future of bitcoin that led to the growth of this crypto-currency rate to a level above $ 8 thousand.

As noted by Furtune, in 2014 Draper purchased from the US government bitcoins for $ 30 thousand. Kryptonovita was confiscated as part of an operation against the Silk Road site.

The expert said earlier that he was very attracted by the idea of ​​money, which is not regulated by any state.

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