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Elon Musk said that Tesla relies too much on robots and underestimates people

During an interview on CBS, Tesla’s head Elon Musk stated that it was a mistake to rely on robots at Tesla’s factories. He accused excessive automation that the company does not have time to collect enough machines.

“Excessive automation was a mistake. To be precise – my mistake. People are undervalued “

According to Musk, Tesla needs more people working in the factories, and automation only slowed the production process of the new Model 3. The entrepreneur explained that the company used complex conveyor belts, but they did not work as they should. When it became clear, they got rid of the mechanisms.

While communicating with investors in 2017, musk praised the automated Tesla factory. He noted that production capacity can be easily accelerated simply by adding new and new robots.

Also during the interview, Musk explained the delays in assembling the Model 3 technical complexity of the car. According to her, it added too much of everything new at the same time. The same thing he told shareholders when there were problems with Tesla Model X and promised that in Model 3 “there will not be as many new functions”.

The entrepreneur is known for his harsh statements about artificial intelligence. For example, he stated that AI would lead to an apocalypse on the planet and in every possible way stands for deterrence of technology.

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