Apple threatened employees with dismissal for leaks in the media. Memorandum on this has got to journalists

Apple published a memorandum on the internal blog, demanding that employees stop “merging” information about the company’s future plans in the media. The full text of the memorandum was at the disposal of journalists from Bloomberg.

According to the document, Apple for 2017 caught 29 employees who “merged” the information in the media. They were fired, and 12 of them were arrested by the police.

These people not only lost their jobs, they can face huge difficulties in finding work elsewhere. Leaks of information about the new product may adversely affect the sales of current models, give competitors more time to respond with dignity and reduce sales of new products after launch. We want to tell customers why our product is great, and that someone else does not do it for us and badly.

from the merged in the media memorandum Apple

Apple gave an example of information about the meeting of the head of software development Craig Federigi with employees, where he reported on the transfer of some features of iOS. Also, the company recalled that the media had detailed details about the then-unreleased iPhone X and the new Apple Watch .

Apple has been seriously struggling with leaks for a long time, but so far this has not resulted in tangible results. In June 2017, the company held a confidential meeting with its employees, at which they were called to stop the spread of corporate secrets. The audio recording of the event also fell into the media.

Since then, the press has received information including new Apple Watch with LTE, the upcoming helmet of augmented reality, new iPad models, software improvements and a large version of AirPods. While writing the note, the Federal Communications Commission of the USA published details about the golden version of the iPhone X, which the company has not yet released.


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