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“Zerao” – the most unique stadium in the world (3 photos)

In the north of Brazil in the city of Makapa, the capital of the state of Amapa, is a small stadium “Zerao”. The stadium is designed for only 10,000 people and almost does not accept high-level matches, but he is not famous for it at all.

The “Zerao”, whose official name is “Estadio Milton Correa”, has one feature – its middle of the field runs exactly along the equator line. Every time it is played, one of the teams plays in the Northern Hemisphere, and the other team plays in the Southern Hemisphere. From this, the stadium received its popular name, which translates as “big zero”, because the coordinates of the stadium are zero degrees of latitude.

The stadium is home to seven clubs playing in various divisions of the state of Amapa. The stadium is popular among tourists who come here to see this place personally and take a picture.

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