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“VKontakte” promised free advertising in social networks for thousands of people in Telegram

“VKontakte” launched a “program to support the authors of Telegram-channels,” says the corporate social network blog entry “VKontakte with authors.” The company will give coupons for promotion inside the “VKontakte” bloggers, whose channels in Telegram have more than 1000 subscribers.

To receive a coupon, you will need to write in private messages to this community and attach a link to your Telegram channel. However, the social network sets a condition: in the description of this channel, you need to put a link to the community in “VKontakte”, which will be advertised.

Sotsset promises to give 10 thousand ad impressions (but not the final subscribed users) for every thousand subscribers of the Telegram channel. That is, if the channel has, for example, 4,000 subscribers, an ad with an appeal to subscribe to its community in “VKontakte” will see 40,000 users.

On April 13 Tagansky Court of Moscow decided to block Telegram on the territory of the Russian Federation.


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