The Austrians will launch HD vinyl in 2019

The Austrian startup Rebeat received an investment of $ 4.8 million, which is likely to allow the company to launch in 2019 the sale of HD-records. The patent for technology was issued in 2016. To create such a “vinyl” music is digitized, after which a three-dimensional topographical scheme is created. Then the data with a laser is applied to a special material resembling the same vinyl.

The technology is like how traditional plates are created, and sound is removed from the surface in a similar way. However, as explained in Rebeat, in the case of their “vinyl” the melody will get previously unattainable for simple records of subtlety of sound.

In addition, using the Rebeat method, recording will be 30% longer and about a third louder than conventional vinyl. It is important that you can listen to Rebeat records on existing players.


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