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Reddit blocked accounts, allegedly associated with the “troll factory”

Reddit’s site management revealed 944 accounts on its website that are suspected of having links with the Internet Research Agency, which is also known as the “troll factory . ” This was announced by the founder and executive director of the site Steve Huffman.

Steve Huffman. Getty Images
Steve Huffman. Getty Images
In his message, he said that the first 145 suspicious profiles were blocked before the internal investigation into Russia’s attempts to use Reddit for political purposes, that is, before the election of the US president in 2016.

In the same message, a link to all blocked accounts was published , some time later they will be deleted, so that everyone has the opportunity to get acquainted with these profiles.

Also, according to Steve Huffman, out of 944 identified accounts, 8 profiles had negative karma, 662 profiles had zero karma, 203 profiles had from 1 to 999 karma, 58 profiles had from 1,000 to 9,999 karma, and 13 profiles had 10 000+ karma.

It is noteworthy that in one of the most popular accounts under the nickname Rubinjer found fake pornographic GIF-video with the participation of former presidential candidate Hillary Clinton. Subsequently, it was published on other popular resources, including Pornhub, which scored more than 250 thousand views.

On February 16, 2018, the US Department of Justice accused 13 Russian citizens of interfering in the election of the US President in 2016. According to the US authorities, the staff of the “Internet Research Agency” tried to manipulate public opinion, massively creating in social networks under fake names groups and posts in support of Donald Trump and against Hillary Clinton.

Previously, the management of Facebook and Twitter reported on operations to clean up their resources from trolls .

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