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In the Federation Council called the media, who interfered in the Russian presidential election

The Federation Council Commission for the Protection of State Sovereignty has determined the list of media outlets that were accused of interfering in the March elections. About this RBC told the chairman Andrei Klimov.

The list of publications includes 12 media, including:

  • Radio Liberty;
  • the Russian BBC service;
  • «Crimea.Realii»;
  • “Present time”;
  • Deutsche Welle;
  • “Kavkaz.Realii”;
  • “Idel.Realii”;
  • “Sibir. Reality”;
  • “Voice of America”;
  • RFI.

According to the chairman of the commission, only the media, who received foreign funding and wrote in Russian, were analyzed. Klimov noted that in May, after Putin’s inauguration, the Council of Federation will publish a report on interference in the election with “diagrams, graphs and vivid examples of interventions.”

When liberals begin to engage in discussion with me, they ask: “What now, close CNN?”. I answer: “CNN does not broadcast in Russian.”

Andrey Klimov
Chairman of the Federation Council Committee for the Protection of State Sovereignty

The senators called uneven coverage of the activity of presidential candidates, including “more than 50% of negative materials about Putin”, an interference in the elections. As stated by Klimov, among the listed media there were those that called to register for voting at the place of stay and “not to go to the elections to thereby reduce the turnout.”

The audit covered the period from 2015 until March 18, 2018. Klimov added that this is a warning for the editorial staff, because if they “continue to act in the same spirit,” they will be included in the list of media-foreign agents. From December 2017, they include the TV channel “Present Time”, the Tatar-Bashkir Service of Radio Liberty (AzatliqRadiosi), Sibir. Reality, Idel.Realii, Factograf, Kavkaz.Realii and “Krym.Realii” . They are obliged to indicate this in the materials and quarterly report on the work, income and expenditure to the Ministry of Justice.

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