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Experts asked not to give robots rights

Last year, the European Parliament considered a document that discussed the possibility of the emergence of “electronic personalities” – robots with rights and responsibilities. The possibility of conferring on the legal status of advanced mechanisms alerted the experts who made an open letter proposing to abandon the appearance of “electronic personalities”.

The idea seems completely innocent at first sight, but in practice it means that the robot will become an independent unit. If such a machine harms a person, it will also keep the answer, not the company that released it. It sounds a little wild.

In addition, in theory, robots can claim the right to receive wages, citizenship and so on.

More than 150 experts in the field of artificial intelligence and robotics have called for ( PDF ) to close the issue of the possibility of the emergence of “electronic personalities”. The letter notes that the European Parliament was probably misled and does not fully realize what the modern, even the most advanced, robots are.

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