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Durov asked users not to remove Telegram and promised to use the built-in bypass of locks

Telegram will use built-in messenger methods to bypass locks, which do not require additional actions from users, said in “VKontakte” founder of the company Pavel Durov.

Regardless of the presence of a lock, Telegram will retain the ability to centrally send notifications to all Russian users, informing about the development of the situation.

Pavel Durov

The founder of Telegram stressed that he does not guarantee 100% availability of the service without VPN. In the first hours after the lock on the VPN and the proxy services there will be a large load, which is “likely” to lead to their slow work, he explained.

Durov also asked not to remove or reinstall Telegram, even if there are problems with communication. He urged timely downloads of updates in the App Storeand Google Play .

Durov’s message in the Telegram channel differs from what he said in VKontakte. There, the founder of the messenger explained that the work of the service does not depend on the actions of certain authorities.

The pressure that local governments exert on IT corporations is based on money. At any time, the government is able to stop their [companies’] revenues, block their cash flows and thereby force companies to do strange things (remember, last year Apple transported the iCloud server to China).

In Telegram, we have the privilege not to worry about cash flows or sales of advertising. Confidentiality is not sold, human rights should not be compromised for fear or greed.

Pavel Durov

This is the first reaction of Pavel Durov to judicial decision to block Telegram on April 13. The court passed the decision to Roskomnadzor, whose head refused to give a specific term for the blockage.


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