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Creator “Novice” explained the recovery of the Fiddles

Vil Mirzayanov – about the conclusions of the OPCW commission on the case of poisoning the ex-employee of the GRU and his daughter in Solbery.

The drawback of this series of “Beginners” is that they have high hydro-vulnerability, that is, they are unstable connections, generally speaking. This substance can be stable only in the absence of moisture and humidity. The substance was used in England on March 4, where there was a mist – droplets of water in the air.

Only an idiot can come up with such an idea – it was a big mistake. They did not know the physico-chemical properties of this substance. This substance can only be used when the air is dry, only under these conditions. Was this substance tested? In Shihan on the landfill, where the dry air. Back in Nukus – there is generally no rain.

Vil Mirzayanov
one of the creators of the “Novice”

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