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Collector found drugs in old NES cartridges

The retro collector from the USA Julian Turner bought several old cartridges for the NES attachment on the flea market, which, as it turned out later, contained a surprise. These were the cartridges of the games Rollergames and Golf, the first intended for European and Australian gamers.

Turner thought that the plastic boxes with a small electronic board inside are too heavy in comparison with the usual ones, Kotaku reports . The collector unwound the cartridges and found inside a pair of packages wrapped in plastic. Looking inside, the American decided to call the police.

As a real collector, Turner recorded the whole process, which helped him then in conversation with the police.

After telling the story on the web, the man learned about another lucky person who also received a bonus when buying a cartridge with the game Golf. Then it was a bundle of banknotes for $ 5 thousand.

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