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Close the import of alcohol and tobacco, and produce American goods without permission: the State Duma’s response to US sanctions

Photo from the site of the State Duma

April 13, State Duma deputies spoke about the details of the bill on actions in response to US sanctions, which was made by Parliament Speaker Vyacheslav Volodin and the heads of four factions – United Russia, the Communist Party, “Fair Russia” and the LDPR.

The bill has not yet been published on the State Duma’s website. Deputies want to introduce the following measures:

  • limit the import of alcohol and tobacco products;
  • limit the import of drugs, except for those who do not have Russian counterparts;
  • limit the admission of technological equipment and software from the US for the needs of legal entities, municipal, federal and state bodies;
  • prohibit or restrict the recruitment of US citizens in Russia or the entry of individuals under the list of the Russian Foreign Ministry;
  • limit the import of technological equipment and software;
  • prohibit participation in privatization;
  • to abandon investment from countries supporting US action;
  • stop or suspend cooperation of Russian companies with organizations where more than 25% belongs to citizens from the United States or other countries – in the nuclear industry, in aircraft construction, in the rocket and propulsion industry.

The draft law notes that restrictions are introduced or canceled if necessary, but by the president’s decision . Russian sanctions can also affect Britain and France. The deputies called for attracting investments to Russia from countries that do not support US actions.

The authors of the document also suggested that the government and the heads of the regions should start import substitution of American products that would be subject to sanctions. The bill noted that Russia can produce goods from the US and other countries without the permission of the rightholders .

The deputies called this “exhaustion of the exclusive right”, but did not specify which products were being discussed. The government will determine the final list.

We beat the Americans under the breath, as all the successes and, above all, the domination of the Anglo-Saxon, Western world is ensured precisely by the right of intellectual property, and we strike at this right.

Mikhail Yemelyanov
First Deputy Chairman of the State Duma Committee on State Construction and Legislation

April 6, the US Treasury announced new sanctions against 24 Russians and 14 Russian companies. After that Russian stock markets collapsed , and the euro and the dollar rose sharply and reached the figures of 2016.

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