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A simple circumvention of Telegram locks with a foreign server and two hands

Today Tagansky Court of Moscow decided to restrict access to Telegram’s messenger. Without any doubt, Telegram will be blocked in the coming days – because of this the panic and PR proxy servers for Telegram, along with the VPN, began on the network . I do not want to say anything bad about them, but …

  • They are already experiencing loads and give out a low speed – and will experience even more when the locks take effect
  • They are unreliable – the proxy owner at least sees your IP address, as a maximum – can intercept your unencrypted traffic. Telegram traffic is encrypted by default, but are you ready to trust a person you do not know about at all?

In this regard, it was decided to raise its own proxy server for Telegram. It’s easy to do, and the result can be easily used to bypass any locks on any sites.

For a birdhouse from a bottle , oh, that is, a proxy, we will need:


They are on the Internet – for every taste and purse. The cheapest offers are accumulated by the site – prices there start from $ 2  Per year, you can choose hosting by location.

Own server from $ 2 a year – what can be cheaper?

However, this solution has drawbacks. Most of the hosted sites – one-day sites, without technical support and any guarantees, you can complain about working capacity in Sportloto. So I use – from € 3 per month.

For the proxy is enough for the cheapest server.

Of course, you can use any other hosting. Note that it must be outside of Russia (obviously), but as closely as possible – in Europe. As a rule, the data centers in Germany, the Czech Republic, the Netherlands are suitable.

Setting up a socks5 server

 Now you need to configure the Socks5 server that provides the proxy. Most likely, you will have hosting on Linux. It is suitable for Dante – the development of the Norwegian company Inferno Nettverk. Like most other proxies, tuning it from scratch is painful and long-fortunately, there is a universal script that makes the initial configuration for us.

He ‘s lying here .

If you have already bought a server, then you should have sent a login-password to log into the server. In the control panels of most virtual servers, there is a Console button that opens the virtual console.

In the Scaleway administration panel there is a Console button that will give you access to the server

Open it and enter the following commands (enter your user name and password at your own discretion):

wget – no-check-certificate -O

bash –port = 2018 –user = USERNAME –passwd = PASSWORD

Your server settings will be displayed in the console at the end of the installation

IP, port, username and password are useful for you

Try to specify them in your Telegram client. To do this, go to “Settings” -> “Connection Methods” and specify the IP address, port, login and password.

Specify the proxy in your client’s settings

In most cases, your proxy will immediately work. If it does not work, you will need to do the following:

1. Install nano as instructed by your distribution. In most cases, this will be the sudo apt-get install nano command .
2. Go to the server and type sudo nano /etc/danted/sockd.conf
3. In the opened file, add the following lines:

internal: eth0 port = 2018
external: eth0

You need to do this at the beginning of the file.

4. Save the file via Ctrl-W and exit through Ctrl-Q4. Type sudo /etc/init.d/sockd restart

Your server will work, and there will be no more problems with access to Telegram. You can give your login-password to friends and relatives – the creation of proxy servers is not prohibited by law and will give everyone access to Telegram.

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