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“A-A-A-A-A-A-A”: how the video with “screaming geese” appeared, conquered the Internet

August 30 in the network appeared a video on which a man presses his hand on a pile of rubber toys, forcing them to synchronously “shout”. The comic video has gained millions of views on all possible platforms, and the portal VICE has found its author and found out the details of the birth of the virus sensation.

The most widely known was a copy of the video with geese, published by Vine user Charlie Murphy (Charlie Murphy): it was viewed more than 73 million times. Nevertheless, Murphy simply reposted someone else’s original published on YouTube.

The video was shot by the 22-year-old resident of the Norwegian city of Alesund, Kevin Synnes. The video he posted on YouTube scored more than 4.4 million views in two days.

According to Sines, along with his girlfriend, he went in search of a new engine for the car. The Norwegian likes to repair rare cars. On the way, the couple drove into the Biltema hardware store to buy what could be covered with the engine.

At the wall, inside the metal grid, Sines found a pile of rubber geese – toys for dogs. At first he decided to press on one of them to make his girl feel embarrassed, but he did not get the desired reaction. Then Synnes heavily pressed all the toys at once and photographed the whole process on the video.

The Norwegian sent a video to his friends through Snapchat, received rave reviews from them and published it on Facebook, YouTube and Instagram, and also began working with ViralHog, a company that monetizes viral videos.

Synnes called the video “Duck army” (“Army of Ducks”), but recognizes his mistake: in fact, we are talking about geese.

The author of the video and ViralHog discussed the possibility of removing the Vain Charlie Murphy, but came to the conclusion that he would go only for the benefit of the popularity of the original, and renounced their claims.

I hope that employees of stores around the world who sell such toys will forgive me. I’m sure now many people are trying to repeat what I did.

Kevin Synnes

In the meantime, social networks began to appear in social networks with the participation of geese.


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