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Webmasters for the first time will be sent into space

International marketing network Revenu, specializing in projects in the sphere of iGaming industry, will play flight to the stratosphere in the cabin of the best Russian fighter MiG-29.

The opportunity to take the co-pilot’s seat of a combat aircraft and go to the near space will be given to one of the partners of the network, engaged in the sphere of affiliate-management. The official launch of the contest was held today, on the Day of Astronautics.

“The flight into space, even near, to an altitude of 22,000 m is an amazing brain and body event,” comments the head of the marketing department of the affiliate network FunCPA, “but I would not risk spending an hour at the helm of a combat fighter. It’s exactly a delight for bold affiliates. ”

The results of the competition will be announced in October 2018.

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