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Users from Kazakhstan have complained about a malfunction in the work of YouTube

Users from different parts of Kazakhstan complain about YouTube’s inaccessibility. When they try to access the site, they come across the inscription “can not access”.

Subscribers of the community “Yutuber” in “VKontakte” confirmed that they have problems with access to YouTube. Some have written that the browser version and the mobile version of the service do not work.

According to the service Downdetector, problems in the work of YouTube touched almost the entire territory of Kazakhstan, except for the central part.

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At the end of March, the Information Committee of the Ministry of Information Technologies of Kazakhstan stated that they sent requests to YouTube, Telegram and Twitter to remove information about the political party Democratic Choice of Kazakhstan. If they do not fulfill the requirements, the department promised to begin blocking.

In March, users from Kazakhstan reported problems with Telegram, which the authorities of the republic explained by blocking the materials of the opposition organization.

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