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Two FSB colonels detained in the Samara region (3 photos)

The detentions of high-ranking FSB officers were held in the Samara region. Sergei Gudovann, deputy head of the FSB security department for the region, and Pavel Cheremshantsev, head of the M department (supervising the activity of the Ministry of Internal Affairs) of the same department, are suspected of receiving a bribe of 1.5 million rubles and possible links with the Zakonovski organized crime group.

During the search in the offices and houses of detainees, 81 million rubles were found, Makarov’s pistol, a small-caliber rifle, 3 grenades and 900 rounds.

According to the investigation, in the period from 2016 the colonels received bribes amounting to 118 million rubles.

Also, it was possible to detain two mediators who gave bribes to FSB officers. The articles “Bribery” and “Bribery” are criminal cases.

Left – Sergei Gudovanny, right – Pavel Cheremshantsev.

OPG “Zakonovskie” was organized in the 90 years. “Zakonovskie” controlled the largest in the Samara region Kirov clothes market and a number of enterprises.

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