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“There was even a film about it”: Congress asked Zuckerberg about Facemash – a site for assessing girls in appearance

Facemash interface in the movie “Social Network”

April 11 in the US Congress was the second day of the hearings, during which Mark Zuckerberg answered the questions of senators about the large-scale leakage of Facebook users’ data. He was asked about the collection of personal information, data security and social network monopoly. But Congressman from Missouri Billy Long (Billy Long) remembered the “first sin” of Zuckerberg – the site

Zuckerberg created Facemash in 2003 while studying at Harvard. He hacked catalogs of hostels (or “facebooks”) and published photographs of girls in the public domain, suggesting that users rank them in beauty. Soon, the future creator of Facebook closed the site because of accusations of violation of the privacy of students. Long’s question probably implied that the problems with the leakage of Facebook data began even then – a year before the social network was founded.

Long: What is Facemash, and does it still work?

Zuckerberg: No, Congressman. Facemash was a “prank” site, which I launched in college before Facebook. There was even a film about it, or, more precisely, there it was spoken about it. There are inaccuracies. The allegations that the development of Facebook is somehow connected with Facemash – they are wrong. This was not.

Under the film, Zuckerberg was referring to David Fincher’s “Social Network” – a picture of 2010, where Jesse Eisenberg played the role of entrepreneur. The first minutes of the film are devoted to the creation and closing of Facemash, hinting that it was with this project that the social network story began.

The reference to the painting Fincher, who received three “Oscars” in eight categories, was the reason for jokes in social networks. Although the parallels with the “Social Network” and so conducted all the two days of hearings in Congress.

“Who of the Winleswins twins [on the subject of” Social Network “they own the Facebook idea] gave this simpleton bitcoin, so he asked about Facemash?”

“You know, they say that technology will change everything, but 15 years after Facemash we still do not have an exact answer, who is more beautiful than anyone”

“Facemash still works? Perhaps a congressman’s friend asks ”

«Social Network 2» (2018)
Other bloggers criticized Zuckerberg for what he called the objectifying women site “pranckom.”

“No, well, Facemash was just” pranckom “if you consider funny objectification of women by evaluating their appearance. I would say that it sounds awful. But hey, I’m just a man who hates misogyny, what I can know ”

“Facemash was a site where men with looks like Mark Zuckerberg could evaluate women by their attractiveness”
Did not forget about the site and the former student of Harvard, whose photos became part of the Zuckerberg project.

[…] “Hey, do you remember the time when some guys hacked our college catalog and uploaded our photos to the site so other guys would appreciate how pretty we are? And then they became the richest people on the planet “

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