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The imprisoned gamer declared himself an “electronic god” and intends to take revenge

American Tyler Barriss, who is currently behind bars due to charges of manslaughter, declared himself an “electronic god.” The man was imprisoned in 2017 after organizing a raid of special forces at the offender’s address or “for fun.” This is the so-called “swatting” – a call in 911 with a message about allegedly taken hostages or the commission of another crime.

After playing in Call of Duty, the man entered a squabble with an opponent who called the random address to which Barriss called special forces. As a result, an innocent person died. Reporting about the capture of the hostage, the gamer was found and accused of manslaughter.

Now he is in prison, but somehow managed to get on Twitter. “How did I get online from prison? Oh, I’m just an “electronic god”, “ Barriss wrote. In the next message, he threatened to arrange swatting for all of his offenders who spoke nasty things about him on the net.

The police conducted an investigation, finding out that access to the Internet was possible due to incorrectly carried out updating of electronic equipment located in prison (allows prisoners to make orders through the Internet).

The gamer faces a term of 2.5 years to 11 years.

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