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Police in Argentina explained the loss of 500 kilograms of marijuana by the fact that it was eaten by mice

From the police warehouse in Argentina Pilar lost 540 kilograms of marijuana. Local police said in court that the drug “ate mice.” This is reported by the BBC.

At the warehouse in Pilar for the past two years, stored 6 tons of marijuana. Drug abuse was noticed by the new head of the local police Emilio Portero (Emilio Portero) and reported this to the internal investigation department, whose employees found out that more than half a ton of drugs were missing.

According to experts at the University of Buenos Aires, mice could not perceive marijuana as food and probably would have died from its use. Dead mice near the warehouse were not found.

The police fired eight policemen, they were immediately taken into custody for trial. On May 4 they will stand trial and will testify. The court will determine whether the drugs were lost due to negligence or they were stolen specially.

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