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Photo: graffiti with Stephen Hawking for Cosmonautics Day

Art group “Yav” painted on one of the walls of St. Petersburg buildings graffiti with Stephen Hawking. Where exactly – it was not specified.

There are more stars in our Universe than all the sounds ever uttered by all existing people, in the whole history of mankind. About 5-6 planets revolve around each star. And most planets have satellites. Just realize what a huge world we live in. And how little we know about him. And how insignificant everything is what we do on the Earth. Zoom in, look at mankind from the side, we are ants digging in a small anthill, in a huge, endless forest.

We dedicated our work to Stephen Hawking, because he was engaged in the most important thing that a person can do: the knowledge of the universe, the vast expanses of the Cosmos.

art group “Yav”
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